QuietFlex manufactures flexible duct for the residential and manufactured home industries. We produce a combination of 3 " through 22" duct in R4.2, R6, and R8 insulation thickness. Our duct is available in a UV inhibited black jacket and rip-stop silver jacket. Our standard product is available in 25-foot lengths. However, upon request, we will manufacture duct in 50-foot lengths for both R4.2 and R-6 in addition to 12.5 lengths in R-6.. We also manufacture an uninsulated connector in diameters ranging from 3" to 20"and dryer vent in 8', 25' and 50' lengths.

Our TexTuf insulation has many advantages. The long fiber gives extreme resiliency. This allows TexTuf to be compressed 3 to 4 times more than a short fiber product and still have full recovery. The results are more pieces per package, more linear feet per roll and less waste due to damage during installation.

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